“Scale Your Mountain”

No reward without the risk. 

Today is a new opportunity to follow your passion in pursuit of purpose, creating profit for people & planet. 

Step up your game of personal & professional growth with Reinier today. 

Authentic inspiration and practical tools for personal & leadership development. 

Public Speaking

Engaging storytelling, powerful leadership principles and practical tools for personal and professional development.

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Personal Coaching

Don’t hold back, dream big, aim high, take a risk. Let’s start the dialogue and hit some goals in the next few months.

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Business Consulting

A fresh look at your business, your team, your vision, values and outcomes, and practical tools to build for impact.

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“From my time with Reinier, I saw he had learned to keep the long term vision and goals forefront yet do what was necessary in the day to day for sustainability and growth toward those goals. He has a lot to teach leaders new and old about leadership and pioneering new projects and seeing them come to fruition!”

— Calvin Hanson, CH Creative, USA

“Reinier is a relational, innovative, and creative thinking leader, who doesn’t just teach leadership principles but lives them. I’ve had the honour of witnessing and experiencing his sharp eye in spotting strengths and potential and championing and equipping people to be the leaders they are meant to be.”

— Ezekiel Samaila, Sustainable Clean Water, Germany / Nigeria

Inspiration for Growth

Free Puppies

Living above an organic grocery store provides for lots of fun opportunities. It’s more like a community of friends and friends of friends. A couple days ago it looks like one of the regulars decided to be generous and give away their newborn pups. A large picture was posted to the front window with aContinue reading “Free Puppies”

Build the Plane Mid-Air

Can you relate to this feeling? You’re supposed to be in charge of the project. You have a team of people you’re responsible for. All their eyes are fixed on you, hoping you know exactly what you’re doing. Not just hoping, expecting you to be the expert. Yet it feels like you’re building the plane while it’sContinue reading “Build the Plane Mid-Air”

Tip of the Iceberg

You’ve probably heard of “The Ten Thousand Hour Rule.” The idea stems from Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers,’ stating that “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” There’s all kinds of views of whether this is accurate or not, but I think we all get the point that it takes time to master a skill.Continue reading “Tip of the Iceberg”

Meet Reinier

Reinier and his family currently live near the mountains and lakes of Northern Italy. Reinier is on a mission to help millennial leaders take a leap of faith in pursuit of purpose, adding value to people and planet.