Business Consulting

Reinier and his family currently live near the mountains and lakes of Northern Italy.

Reinier is on a mission to help millennial leaders take a leap of faith in pursuit of purpose, adding value to people and planet.

Fresh inspiration for your team and your business, defining vision & values, team building, goal setting, let’s get to it.


None of us leave the house without looking in the mirror in the morning. Business consulting is a powerful way to hold up a mirror for you as an entrepreneur, for your team or your business. I would be honoured to spend time with you or your team to wrestle through the tough questions and come out stronger, with more clarity of vision, a more solid team, working towards inspiring goals together.

Wisdom from Experience

You, your business or your team might be in need of a fresh look at your vision and mission statements, or maybe you need a team assessment and clarifying roles and expectations. Whether you’re looking for new ways just to bring some fresh excitement into your team, or even conflict resolution situations: I’ve worked through each of these situations with a variety of the most diverse kinds of teams and I’d be happy to share my experience with you.

Step by Step

Growing a business and developing yourself takes time and effort. You know exactly what your team and business needs. Sometimes you just don’t have the right words to express the needs quite yet. Let’s plan a call and allow me to ask you some provoking questions to see how you as an entrepreneur and business leader, your team and your business can grow and what steps we can take together to move towards your envisioned growth with goals that are attainable, exciting and fulfilling.

Let’s Build Together

Don’t hesitate and plan a call to build together. I would love to hear about your dreams for your team and business, and get a feel for where you’re at in pursuit of purpose. We can discuss fees and availability, but more importantly I’m committed to help you define and achieve success and significance. Click below to plan a free intro call.

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Let’s discuss your hopes & dreams.